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Hello again!! - Meredith Music Festival

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Previous Entry Hello again!! May. 4th, 2005 @ 03:44 pm Next Entry
Well its been quite a while since my last confession:P

Whats been going on in my realm ...........

I been baking my own bread :O excitement plus but i was sick of going to coles/bakery and there being no bread there fuck it !! my bread tatses alrite apart from its cake like consistency :P

Still peaking at the family law system its a fucking joke its just a shame for the children cos thats what its all about all personal issues aside !!

anyhoo my final hearing for fam court is now August 25 th :/

I havent been out much really i did how ever go to a wolfmother gig at the corner hotel and it was fucking awesome!! it was like being at a 60's/70's psychadelic rock gig farking really deep guitars and and instruments and lyrics that take you for a musical ride !! in a word "Brilliant"
i have not seen a crowd like that in quite a while ,the crowd stood and applauded for over 5 minutes you could tell Wolfmother were humbled!!

fuck i am really addicted to this band they are the cream of Australian music and have the world at their feet !!but in saying that all Aussie music is going really well we are number 1 in my book for real music without all the hulla ba loo!!

fuck me drunk though fancy seeing The Cassanovas on a pepsi ad for fucks sake !!
bands who have done pepsi and fucked up hrmmmm Superheist , The Superjesus
where are they now !!

silly cunts!!
not all things should be done for Moolah!!

I have to save my COIT off for Lilys birthday and for my ticket to BOB LOG III in june at the corner wooooohoooooo
anyhow cheers justin update again very soon :P
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